Interested in having a wedding at North Highlands Bible Church? The sanctuary is traditional in design with wood and padded seat pews, white ends and wood tone backs. Padding is burgundy upholstery as is the carpet. A wood stage is surrounded by lovely white paneling, as is the sanctuary area. It is divided into four sections with a center aisle. The seating accommodates approximately 475 guests. (The center two sections seat approximately 200 guests.) The ceiling is vaulted with brass chandeliers and other lighting. There are six cathedral windows, three on each side of the sanctuary.

NHBC_wedd1.jpgNon-members are welcome to use the facilities of North Highlands Bible Church. The fees for non-members are:

Wedding only:     $1200.00
Wedding & Reception:     $1700.00
Members may obtain discounted fees.

The reception area will handle 300 guests for a standing reception with seating around the walls only. A comfortable number of 150-200 guests would allow partial table seating and limited standing areas with seating along the walls. Receptions of members and non-members must use caterers and professional clean-up crew.

Wedding Policy: may be picked up in church office during business hours Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The sanctuary may be viewed during these days and times as well.