HANG IN THERE MOM!  |  Bobbie Keith

I wanted to quit.  My daughter was 12 years old and arguing with me about wanting to go steady.  "Absolutely not", I said.  We went to grab a taco and  "discuss" the situation.  After almost two hours of "discussion", I was ready to give up, I was tired of arguing.  I was so close... but something happened. I don't remember exactly what it was, but whatever it was, I do know that God intervened. I didn't quit. Through much tears and hugs the issue was finally settled. There will be no going steady at the age of 12!

Parenting is not easy and it is definitely not for cowards. The ironic thing is that all parents were once children. I look back to my tender years, and can remember, that I too, gave my mother grief.  I am so glad that she did not quit!

A few minutes ago, my precious daughter came in and gave me a kiss goodnight.  She has matured into a beautiful young lady right before my very eyes! She exudes charm and wisdom, and is beautiful, both inside and out.  I watched her today as she coddled her newborn who, as of late, has been giving her much "grief". I couldn't help but smile, as I watched her tenderly hold her and speak to her for the "gazillioneth" time. 

I so much wanted to say, "My dear daughter, this is only the beginning. Hang in there, Sweetie, and don't quit because the journey is so worth it!!"