Book Review:

“Live Forgiven-Discovering the Life You Never Thought Possible” Dr. Jeff Warren

Submitted by Erika Rener

    •    A dear friend sent me a blog link for Dr. Jeff Warren the new Senior Pastor at Park Cities Baptist Church.  I was immediately attracted to the blog name and consequently the book he has written of the same name.  Like Pastor Rick, Pastor Jeff is determined to lead his flock in discovering the “unexpected freedom and boundless joy of living forgiven.”

    •    Dr. Warren’s intimate conversational style makes this book an enjoyable, easy read.  He examines the struggle of the human heart to break free from the constraints of personal performance and the need for approval.  Having done his doctoral work in apologetics, his arguments are understandable for believer and non believer alike.

    •    Dr. Warren contends that most people fail to see a clear picture of the God of the Bible. His explanation holds that there are five fundamental reasons:  “a lack of exposure to biblical grace; graceless Christians and graceless preaching and teaching; unloving or graceless parents (namely fathers); a misunderstanding of evil and suffering; an unwillingness to appropriate the grace of God in relationships”.

    •    This book is an examination of the gospel’s answer.  His challenge is not to stop short with salvation or “membership” and to move beyond to grace defined and being defined by grace to lead a “missional-incarnational” life.

    •    There are many good quotes but one of my favorites is “We must approach the Scriptures with the primary objective of being transformed, not informed.”

I highly recommend this book.  It is one that I will use as a reference and give as a gift to those who are seeking.  In fact, I already have!