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Our Core Values

Our vision and core values help to describe both who we currently are as a church as well as the direction we believe God is leading us.

Connecting through Worship

God's presence is life. Therefore, together as a church family, we will enter His holy presence through corporate worship and praise exalting Christ as our center.

Connecting through God's Word

The Word changes lives. Therefore, we will proclaim it with authority, teach it with relevance, study it with expectation, and live it with anticipation of Christ's return.

Connecting through Evangelism

Evangelism is a mandate. Therefore, we will do whatever it takes, short of sin, to win lost individuals and families to Christ.

Connecting through Service Together

We are called to serve. Therefore, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit and equipped by the church, to set people free to change our community.

Connecting through Loving Fellowship

Fellowship is life changing. Therefore, extending across ethnic lines we will build deep friendships among God's people.

Connecting through Passionate Prayer

Prayer is powerful and essential. Therefore, we will pray continually concerning everything we do.