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Our Team

Our church’s leadership team is made of a pastoral staff, elders, and deacons. If you would like to talk with a member of our pastoral team or with with an elder, please call us at 214-348-9697.

Rich Roush
Rich Roush
Lead Pastor
Daniel Zandstra
Daniel Zandstra
Worship, Family Outreach & Life Groups Pastor
Kimber Koerner
Kimber Koerner

Kids Pastor

Josh Rivera
Josh Rivera
Youth Pastor
Barbara Berry
Barb Berry
Administrative Assistant
Scott Berry
Scott Berry
Maintenance & Facilities

Elders and Deacons: God has blessed our church with a great lay leadership. In time we would like you to meet the members of our Elder and Deacon board as well as other ministry team leaders. Our Elders and Deacons are listed below.

Our Elders include:

  • Rick Chitwood
  • Ben Davidson
  • Andy Gray
  • Greg Hatteberg - Lead Elder
  • Alan Kirkpatrick
  • Rich Roush
  • Jim Thames

Our Deacons include:

  • Marco Aybar
  • Brent Erschen - Lead Deacon
  • Scott Morrow
  • Joe Pesano
  • Jeremiah Wissinger
  • Daniel Zandstra