Luke 20:1-18

Key Idea: The Authority of Christ Prompts a Response

Summary: We had a good weekend! Trish how was the Tag retreat? Hope you all had a good time and found sweet little moments to love on the kids and pass on the faith:-)

We watched “God’s not Dead” and enjoyed a good discussion on the various ways we can take a stand for our faith. For some it was in a classroom, others were at home, at a dinner party or in a parking lot responding to a car that would not start. Being faithful to the LORD is so “everyday.” May God open our eyes to see the opportunities that are before us!

This week we are in Luke 20. We must remember that the scene is tense. The Jews and Romans are not getting along. History tells us that riots were not uncommon and the Romans often had the upper hand. To the Romans, the Jews were trouble makers. Not only were the Jews opposed to Roman authority, they often had trouble amongst themselves. Ruling over the Jews was not an easy matter!

Think…"family dinner" when somebody is mad about something and everyone is walking on egg shells. This is the scene in Jerusalem at this time!

In the last week of His life, we find Him in the Temple every day, teaching. On one occasion, He goes through the Temple casting out people, and no doubt, causing a scene. He then quotes Isaiah by saying, “My house has become a den of thieves instead of a house of prayer!"

This prompts the religious leaders who had authority to ask Jesus, “What right do You have to do this? Who gave You authority?!”

Jesus answers their question by saying, "I’ll answer your question if you’ll answer mine. Who is John (the baptizer) and by what authority did he speak?”

They wouldn’t answer the question because they did not believe John came from God. They did not see John as God’s messenger. If they did, they would have known that Jesus was the Son of God, because that was John’s message. (John 1:29) They did not want to admit their unbelief before the people. They would not answer Him, so neither did He answer them.

Jesus takes the opportunity to teach them spiritual truth by telling them a story.

In this parable, a nobleman leaves his land in the care of others. He sends messengers to receive what is due Him. The people reject His messengers. The nobleman than sends his son and the people kill his son.

What is the point? John was the messenger they rejected. Jesus is the nobleman’s son.

Jesus uses the Temple context to discuss His importance, not only to Temple worship but to the work of God. He is not only the son of the nobleman…He is the Son of God! He is the corner stone…the foundation and consummation of God’s work!


Tag retreat - for young hearts to continue growing in the faith & for moms ’n dads to reinforce biblical truth at home. Refreshment and rest for the leaders:-)

Rachel (Jackie’s daughter fell during class at HEB) Praise God that the baby’s heart beat was found when she arrived at the doctor’s office. Pray for a safe and healthy delivery in June.

Carolyn is still looking for work.

Let’s pray for faithfulness this week to stand for our faith when God presents the opportunity. Let’s also pray for those closest to us who do not yet know the LORD that God would open their hearts and they would come to faith.

Have a good week!!


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