Luke 19:32-40

Key Idea: Praising God for His Mighty Works

Summary: It has been a whirlwind for me. How about you all? As you may know, my mom fell three weeks ago and broke her arm (4-5 bones floating around). She’s been staying with us and it’s been tough and it’s been great:-)

Betty shared a song called “I am not alone” by Kari Jobe last week in class. I happened to be in the car and sure enough the song played on the radio. I sat in the car with a Chai in one hand and my arm raised with the other with tears streaming down my face. How sweet to know that when we go through the dark valleys we are not alone!!! He walks us!

We just finished Luke 19!! Hoorah! My plan is to finish Luke before summer.

In the last couple of weeks, we focused on three verses as we read through the passage.

1. v.32 and the disciples…found it (the colt) just as He said. What a sweet reminder as we reviewed the Abrahamic and Davidic covenants after thousands of years...and the words of Jesus on many occasions…that the disciples and those who heard His words FOUND IT JUST AS HE SAID!!!

God’s word is true!! As we hang on to it during difficult times we will find it now and in the future to be “JUST AS HE SAID.”

2. v.37 Those who accompanied Jesus as they approached Jerusalem could contain themselves no longer. They shouted with great joy, “The King is here! Glory to God!! The King is here!”

What caused them to be so confident and to shout with such great joy??

It was the miracles they had seen. It was the works of God…confirming His word!!

His words are not empty words…He speaks and even the winds and waves obey. A withered hand, a paralyzed leg, a woman suffering with hemorrhaging for decades, a blind man, and a man possessed by evil spirits so powerful that he cannot control them…all these must submit to His command.

He is the Creator. He is God and He is greater…period.

3. v.41 Jesus wept.

Sin hurts people. It hurts us and it hurts others!! Because the people as a whole did not recognize HIs mission to bring peace and to reconcile them to God...those who were living and those yet to be born would endure great suffering. They would make choices that would bring them destruction.

Both Josephus and Eusebius, first century historians, record the devastating destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Sure enough, they found it "just as He said”. Not one stone of the Temple was left upon another.

Our LORD Jesus knowing what was coming, wept!

May the Spirit of God that is in each of you bring you comfort and encouragement from His words. I am including the song by Kari Jobe. Enjoy!


Happy Easter!!


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