Luke 13:10-17

Key Idea: LORD, we need a miracle!

Summary: Hey all,

Hmmm...sitting here thinking that we haven't given an official welcome to our newcomers. So, if I may...a-hem, give an official hurrah to Lori, Martha, and Robbin. We are so glad that you have decided to join our class!! We are looking forward to getting to know you and pray that you will be blessed and encouraged as we study the word of God, together.

This time, I will make it short. We need to save your eyes and my fingers. Ha!

We began our time together by listening to the song, "LORD Above, I Need a Miracle" by Third Day. Then we discussed two women born in the same year who took two different paths. Though, we don't know what they knew or believed about God we can see based upon their lifestyle...that each woman represents a different response to truth.

In our Scripture passage today, we will see three responses to truth as people encounter the Son of God.

Last week, the scene opens in a synagogue. A woman who's had a disease for over 18 years that keeps her doubled-over enters the synagogue. We note that her long-term illness does not keep her from worshipping God. Most likely, this is what she normally does on the Sabbath. To her this may have been routine and mundane, a typical Sabbath day. But this time something is different. She encounters the Son of God who heals her. Her response? She can hardly contain herself as she worships and praises God.

The synagogue official who oversees the synagogue misses what is right under his nose.

This woman most likely came to the synagogue on a regular basis and for eighteen years she was doubled over and could not stand up straight. The Son of God who participated in the act of creation is in their midst and demonstrates His love and authority as the Creator-God by healing this woman. Right in front of his nose, she stands up straight for the first time in eighteen years!

What does the official see? A man who has violated the Sabbath by working!

Where was his compassion for this woman? Had he gotten so tied up in his religion that he missed the point? Had he gotten so wrapped up in his list of do's and don'ts, that he missed the Author and Creator of his salvation who stood right in front of him?

Jesus confronts him with his hypocrisy.

The Jewish law makes allowances to water cattle on the Sabbath. How much more important is a daughter of Abraham, than an animal? Shouldn't she who had been bound by Satan for eighteen years been released...and how much more so, on the Sabbath?

Those who opposed him were humiliated. The multitudes who stood by were rejoicing over the wonderful works of God being done by His hand.

LORD, we need a miracle! When you step in to do a mighty work in our lives, may we respond like this woman with praise. Keep us from being like the official who did not see You nor recognize Your works. Open our eyes to see you in the mundane, routine stuff of life... and bring healing. You know where we hurt!

Have a good week.


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