Be Ready and Know the Times!

Key Idea: The Three Bs!

Summary: Dear Ladies,

Are you enjoying your snow day? I hope no one got stuck in the snow...and everyone found some time for a hot cocoa or some tea:-)

Yea! We finally finished Luke chapter twelve. In this chapter, Jesus addresses the three B's.

1. Be-ware of hypocrisy.
2. Be on your guard against greed.
3. Be ready!

In essence, hypocrisy is about hiding what we really are and what we think. The Pharisees cared more about how they appeared on the outside. Their concern was to please men. Jesus warned His disciples not to do the same. It is more important to please God, and besides, we can't hide anything. For whatever we think is hidden, will one day be revealed and shouted from the rooftops.

It is interesting that Jesus states that we should be on our guard against every form of greed. Now, that's an interesting discussion. How many kinds of greed are there? Jesus specifically addresses food and clothes. He also addresses "stuff" by telling a story about a man who had so much "stuff" that he decided to build bigger barns to hold it all. Except that God required his soul that night and he never got to enjoy it. Jesus reminds His disciples that "stuff" is temporary, and instead of building bigger barns to hold all it all, we should be building treasures in heaven.

Jesus also encourages His disciples to be ready. To be ready for an impending crisis, like His crucifixion which was right around the corner...and His second coming which was sure! They were to be dressed and ready and have their lamps lit. Jesus tells a few stories about masters and servants. Though, a master may go on a long trip the servants were not to use the delay of his return as an excuse to party and mistreat one another. The master's return was sure and the servants would be held accountable.

In the same way, Jesus will return as LORD and Master and He will reward those who are faithful until His return.

In this last section, Jesus addresses two things.

All of history points to this moment. The moment when God would set the plan of salvation in motion. The judgment of God was about to be kindled and Jesus was eager for it to begin. At first glance, it appears that Jesus is looking forward to inflicting judgment on others. But a closer look reveals that this is not the case...what He's saying is that HE is ready to bear that judgment for us!!! Thus, initiating God's plan of salvation.

I'm not sure why, but I never quite saw this before and for whatever reason it brought me to tears.

In this last segment, Jesus condemns them for knowing the signs of the skies, but not the signs of the heavens. They could predict the weather by paying attention to the winds and the clouds, but they had no clue that the Messiah was in their midst. Jesus urges them to get right with God and to do it now!

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday and hearing about your week. How is God working in your life? For me...I am in the midst of emptying my "barns" and thinking of ways to build treasures in heaven. Can't wait to tell you about it.

See you, Sunday.


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