Key Idea: If God is with us, why are we are we struggling?

Summary: Hope you are inside curled up on the sofa enjoying a nice fireplace or enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa. I love this weather!! Dug out a long black coat stashed in my closet, that I purchased at Goodwill last year. Oh yeah, one of my good finds. Ahh!! Bring on the cold weather:-)

Last week, we looked at Gideon and noted his appeal to God on behalf of his people. They had endured oppression from their enemies for seven years and built hiding places in the mountains to hide from their assaults. Even now, Gideon was threshing wheat in a wine press!!

The Scriptures make it clear that God had delivered them into the hands of their enemies because they worshipped other gods rather than the LORD God who delivered them from Egypt.

Gideon asks, "Where is God and where are all the miracles I have heard about from my fathers? If God is with us, why are we are we struggling? The LORD has abandoned us."

No need in hiding the tough questions. God knows our thoughts and he knows our hearts. Gideon is open with the LORD in expressing his doubts and concerns.

The LORD answers Gideon by telling him to go ahead and deliver the people from the enemy in his own strength. Gideon does a quick self-evaluation and realizes he is not equipped for the job. This helps him to see his need for God!

Then the LORD says, I will be with you!! Same thing he said a few hundred years ago to Moses. He is about to find out from his own experience that the God of His fathers is also His God….and He is the same, yesterday, today and forever!!

Gideon responds in worship and brings a prepared sacrifice to the LORD. The LORD does a miracle right in front of him. He touches the meat with his staff and fire sprang up from the rock and consumed the meat, and the LORD vanished from his sight.

The same night, the LORD gives Gideon a job to do. There is something that is standing in the way and Gideon is asked to remove it.

There is much food for thought here and ties in beautifully with the pastor’s sermon, last week, on the sower and the seed. The word of God is being sown and yet, it is possible for it not to bare fruit. Is it possible, that some of our prayers aren’t answered because something is in the way.

Let’s ask the LORD to search our hearts. Is there is anything in our lives that we have given more weight to than God? If so, we may need to tear down a few idols of our own.

LORD, we want to present to You a heart that is pure and we want our prayers to be powerful for You have said, the prayers of righteous one accomplishes much. Where we have sinned forgive us and help us to deal ruthlessly with the things that choke out Your word and stand in our way.

Thank you, LORD!!! O to see and taste the goodness of God in the land of the living.

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