Key Idea: Prayer...Lingering with Him

Summary: Dear Friends,

We’ve been spending almost a year now, talking and studying together about prayer. We took the first several months looking at the prayers in the Bible.

We saw Moses taking off his shoes in God’s presence because he was on holy ground, we saw Abraham interceding for a city and his nephew and the LORD lingering behind to hear his requests as He sent the two angels ahead. We looked at Gideon and his transparent conversation with the LORD as he and his people felt abandoned by God, and the LORD telling him to take down the idol at his father’s house and get right with Him. We looked at the prayers of David and did a comparison between him and King Saul. Saul cared only for his outward appearance, David cared about his heart. Moses, in Psalm 90, asks God to help him grasp the brevity of life that he might live wisely and present to Him a heart of wisdom. He also asks for God’s favor and prays for the work of his hands, that God would confirm his work and give it eternal significance. Then, there was Peter and Cornelius. From them we learn that God deals with the barriers in our hearts and often gives answers to our prayers WHILE we are praying.

This summer we’ve been in the Battle Plan for Prayer. We ambitiously began by reading five chapters a week. We are now done to one, so we can take more time to glean the truths God has for us.

We’ve been asking God to help us pray more and help us understand the power of prayer.

One of the beautiful things about the Scriptures is that God not only speaks in words, but He also gives us beautiful stories and pictures that helps to understand what He is saying. Some of the visuals that came to us while we were studying was Adam walking in the garden with the LORD, Abraham, Gideon and David bearing their souls before the LORD, and the two disciples on the road to Emmaues walking with the risen LORD as HE explained the Scriptures and they found their hearts burning within them.

This is what it means to pray…to linger and commune with God.

We love corporate prayer and the LORD tells us there is power when two or three are gathered together!! But the LORD also calls us to spend time alone with him in a quiet place. So, we challenged ourselves to go to a quiet place and spend time with Him, calling to mind the things we’ve learned. We think of Adam walking in the Garden with the LORD and ask ourselves, what did they talk about? We remember Abraham, Gideon, Moses, and David and the lessons they learned. And of course, the two disciples who while walking down a road after the crucifixion encountered the risen LORD. He walked with them and explained the Scriptures helping them to understand the difficult times in which they were living.

This is prayer, lingering and communing with God.

We challenged ourselves to find that quiet time and record what God shows us.

Peggy opened up her journal and shared this with our class. She gave me permission to share this with you.


P.S. I am sharing this with some of my friends, whom I know are prayer warriors!!!

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