Exodus 3:1-14

Key Idea: Prayer is entering into God's Presence!

Summary: How are you? Missed you all, last week!! Heard you had a great time. Thanks so much, Betty, for taking over. I know you all enjoyed sharing and praying together. Several of us had been sick for two weeks and all of us got better within 24 hours. You might note a slightly thinner group. Ha!!! Praise God!!!!

We took a bit of time to look at Moses to see what we should be thinking when we enter into God’s presence to talk with God.

There are three places where God speaks to Moses. The burning bush, the mountain and the tent or Tabernacle where the people worshipped.

From the burning bush, we learn three things about entering into God’s presence to pray and commune with God. (Exodus 3:1-14)

1. God’s presence is holy ground. Moses was instructed to take off his shoes because the ground he was standing on was holy. The appearance of God was in a blazing fire in the middle of a bush!

The proper response in the presence of God is recognition of His holiness.

2. God is eternal. He is the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob hundreds of years before. He is the great I AM!!!

The proper response in the presence of God is recognition of His character and who He is.

God is eternal and God is omniscient. He is not only eternal and omniscient, He is also a God who cares for His people. He knows their toils, their struggles, and their pain. He has heard their cries!

When we come into HIs presence, we bring this to mind!!

3. God’s word is sure and is accompanied with power.

God said what He would do. He would deliver the people and He would do it with Power!! God would go with Moses. Moses would not go alone!

Does this sound at all familiar? Do we have a message of deliverance? Are we guaranteed God’s presence? Does He give us power to do what He calls us to do?!!

Wow!! Great food for thought. Let’s bring this to mind when we come into God’s presence and commune with Him.

Tomorrow we will look at Abraham, one of the first prayers of the Bible and see what we can learn about intercessory prayer.

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