Luke 17

Key Idea: The Second Coming

Summary: How was everyone’s week? I was so encouraged by our praise and prayer time last week.

One lady shared how she had been praying for a young boy to come to church. So she offered him a little job, and through the job she has gotten to know him. He came to church last Sunday and loved it, and wants to come back next week. Praise God!! A mom shared how she bought the movie “Noah” to watch with her kids, only to find out how different it was from the Biblical account. This made her children ask lots of questions. Now they are curling up in her bed at night reading the Bible to see how it really happened! And another mom was praising God that her teenage son saw “God’s Not Dead” and loved it and now wants her to see it!!

I know there are many more stories! What an encouragement to see God working in our midst:-)

We’ve been in Luke 17 and focusing on the Second Coming. Jesus gives us signs or clues of what to look for when He returns.

1. 17:22-24 His return will not be subtle.

There is no chance that they will miss it. They are not to be mislead by those who will say, “Here He is! Come over here.” Jesus said, do not follow them.

Instead, His return will be like lightning that flashes from one part of the sky to another. We will look up and the whole world will know, the Son of Man has returned. This time, He will come with an army of angels and will come in His glory.

Matthew 16:27; 25:31-32

2. 17:25 But, before this great day of the LORD…Jesus reminds them that His suffering must come first!

3. 17:26-30 What will the world look like at HIs return? Jesus says, it will look like the days of Noah and the days of Lot.

The world will be full of violence and wickedness, like in the days of Noah. Yet the people will be carrying on as usual, indifferent to their sins.

It will also be like the days of Lot. When the angels appeared to bring judgment, he invited them into his house to eat and drink. There was eating, drinking and giving in marriage up until the time of judgment!

Even then with impending doom, Lot hesitated. He did not want to leave. The angels seized him by the hand because of God’s compassion for him and took him and his family out of the city.

There will be fire and brimstone. Judgment will come and it will come quickly.

Genesis 6:11; 19:1-3; 12-16; 2 Thessalonians 1:7-8; 2 Peter 3:10-12

I4. 17:31-33 In light of all this, we are to remember Lot’s wife and not love the things of this world. IF we seek to save our lives and our stuff, we will loose it!

For our life does not consist of our possessions, it is not based upon the stuff of life. If we seek to preserve those things, we will loose it. But he who looses his life (for the sake of the gospel) in the end preserve it.

Luke 12:15

In light of His coming, how then shall we live? We will discuss this and finish the chapter Sunday morning!

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