Luke 19:11-27

Key Idea: Glory's Coming

Summary: It was so good to see you all, today!! Always enjoy our prayer time and hearing how God is moving in our midst.

What a good time we had building a context for Jesus’ final entrance to Jerusalem to accomplish what He had come to do. Luke tells us that Jesus had a conversation with Moses and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration about His coming departure which would happen in Jerusalem. It was soon after that time that Jesus set His face resolutely towards Jerusalem.

Of course, this isn’t the first time He’s been to Jerusalem. He’s been there many times. As an infant when He was circumcised and dedicated and as a twelve year old, He accompanied His parents on their (most likely annual) visit to Jerusalem to worship and make their sacrifices.

The Gospel of John gives us the most information about Jesus going to the Temple in Jerusalem to teach and heal people many times before the last week when He made His triumphal entry.

There was the healing of a man who had some sort of disease for 38 years who laid by the sheep pool waiting for the water to be stirred by “an angel” so he could be the first one to step in and be healed, but someone always entered before him. Jesus healed him and later found him at the Temple, most likely worshipping and thanking God for what had happened and told him to sin no more. (John 5:14) Later, Jesus secretly goes to Jerusalem to worship at a Jewish feast. While there, He goes into the Temple to teach. (John 7:14) We also find Him in chapter 8 teaching in the Temple early in the morning. Though the Jews had already had it in their hearts to kill Him, they did not do so yet, because His time had not yet come. (John 8:2; 20)

In Luke 9, we are told that it was after the Mount of Transfiguration that Jesus set His face towards Jerusalem to accomplish what He had come to do. (Luke 9:31; 44-45 & 51)

From there we read several accounts of what happens to Jesus on the way. These are included on the handout attached below.

We are coming to the climax of the book of Luke. Everything is leading up to this moment.

In the preceding chapter, we know the King is going away for a time to receive His kingdom and that there will be a lapse of time before His return. We are also told what we should be doing while we wait. There is no “marking of time” for His return. How we live our life is a testimony of our faith. Whether we believe He has authority over our lives or we don’t!

This life matters…it is our preparation for the next.

We are to live by faith as we were reminded in our sermon today…keeping in the forefront of our mind the glory of what is to come! (2 Peter 3) What we do with the smallest amount that God gives to us is important to God and we are to invest in building heavenly treasures. As we see in the story that Jesus tells of the nobleman, we will be held accountable for even the smallest “mina.” (Luke 19)

Yikes, with that in mind, I was reminded of my daughter when she was disciplining her son. She repeatedly asked him to quiet down during bedtime. To which he continually responded with a “Yes, M’am.” Finally, she called him downstairs from the bedroom and said, “What do I want? Do I just want a ‘Yes, M’am?” Once again, she asked, “What do I want?”

After a bit of silence, he said, “Obedience."

May God give us grace to respond to Him and His calling on our life with obedience. Not just a nod of the head and few tears. This is tough stuff. Zaccheus shows us that true faith produces life-change!

LORD, we admit we are weak and often-times more tied to this life than we’d like to admit. Give us grace, MUCH grace to say, “Yes” and may that yes, be true obedience. Help us to keep our eyes on the Author and Finisher of our faith who shows us how to do it, who now sits at the right hand of the Father.

As our pastor often reminds us, “Glory is coming!”

Blessings!!! I wanted to get this out to you early as my hubby and I will be in Hawaii for ten days!!! Wahoo!!! This is our first time and we are going with my Sister and her hubby. So…I will be eating pineapple with you all in mind. Ha!!!!

Betty will lead our Bible and prayer time next week. Thanks. Betty!!!


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