Brief Summary of Luke 14:1-6

Key Idea: The purpose of the Word of God is to change lives.

Summary: Hey all,

So much going on. How is everyone? Hope you all have had a good week. As some of you may know, we have a new baby in the house. My daughter has done a great job of transitioning from five to six! Everyone is pitching in...even Mimi and G'pa:-)

In a nutshell, we took another look at Luke 14:1-6. We reviewed some key points for reading and understanding the Bible noting that the purpose of the word of God is to change lives. This mean that we must first understand what it says, than we must obey what God wants us to do. Keeping in mind that these are not arbitrary laws or rules, but that they flow from the very nature and character of God who is good and righteous. Therefore, to follow God's ways are good for us and right!

Simply stated, we read for understanding and obedience.

I. When reading for understanding, keep in mind the 5 W's.

A. Who are the main characters in the passage?
B. What is happening?
C. When does this happen?
D. Where does this happen?
E. Why did this happen? Why did those in the passage respond the way they did? Why does the author include this account?

II. When reading for obedience, here are some basic questions to consider.

A. What do I learn from this passage about God?
B. What do I learn about man?
C. Is there anything that I should or should not do?
D. What practical steps can I take to obey God?
E. Who can I tell what I have learned?

Our memory verse for the week is Psalm 139:23-24.

"LORD search our hearts and show us where we fall short. Give us courage to be honest with what we see. If there is any hurtful way in us, lead us in the way that pleases you...the way which leads to everlasting life."


1. Continue to lift up Anna and Andi. Thank you, both, for sharing in class and in the service. We are so encouraged to see God holding and strengthening you during this time. We will continue to pray for strength and comfort, as well as favor in the eyes of those with whom you will be settling accounts.

2. Praise for Jackie and her fourth grandchild! Thank you, LORD, for answering prayers in caring for Amanda in the hospital and for a safe and healthy delivery.

3. Continue to lift one another up by name...Vicki, Dixie, Pat, Carolyn, Lois, Lori, Elizabeth, Peggy, Robbin, Trish, Andi, Anna, Jackie and Martha.

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