Psalm 34

Key Idea: Prayers that Transform our Fears to Faith

Summary: I am loving this weather!! I’ve got a cute flannel shirt on that I’ve been dying to wear. Now, to dig our the boots. I have great memories of romping on piles of fallen leaves in Chicago where fall is a real season and not just a day or two. Ha!!

I was reviewing our notes this afternoon with a friend, I found myself almost giddy over what we are learning. I am always amazed at how valuable and encouraging it is to rehearse the truths of Scripture. Whether it is in song, hearing a spirit-led prayer or just sitting at a table with an open Bible.

The Spirit of God has a way of speaking to us and affirming His truth:-)

Last week, papers were flying everywhere as we were putting together some notebooks for our class. Tomorrow, I will have a table of contents and that should help in making sure we have what we need, so we can order our class handouts and summaries, as well as any additional notes on the book we are reading.

We’ve been talking about the power of prayer. Here is a brief summary...

I. We remember who God is when we pray. We call to mind His attributes and remember that He is a God who is near, not a God who is far away!

2. We also call to mind what God has done.This encourages us when we pray. He is a God of the here and now. He works in the land of the living!! He is not just a God of the “by and by."

3. We also remind ourselves that we come boldly before His throne, not because of who we are…but because of what Christ has done on our behalf. We are covered by His blood and we come in HIs name!!!

The last two weeks, we’ve been discussing how prayer can help us transform our fears into faith!! We will continue looking at the FEAR NOT passages. If you get a chance, browse over some of the passages. Tomorrow we will look more closely at those those passages.

So get your pens ready, and more importantly, let’s prepare our hearts so God can speak His wonderful truth to us... and by His grace may those fears that often immobilize us or weigh us down be the springboard that strengthens our faith!!

Notes: download study notes