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National Back to Church Sunday

You can be a part of the movement! On September 15 thousands of Americans will be going back to church for National Back to Church Sunday!

Do you have questions about God, faith or life that you need help with? Are you in need of a community of friends to support you and encourage you? Are you looking for renewed hope and peace to combat the tumultuous times we're living in? North Highlands Bible Church could be the right fit for you. But you won’t know for sure unless you come and meet us!

At North Highlands Bible Church you can explore God at a pace that is right for you in the context of an amazingly friendly and welcoming family of faith. We would love to be a part of your spiritual journey.

Following this special service on the 15th, there will be a Food Truck picnic.  We’ll watch the Cowboy game and let you buy some lunch from food trucks we’ll have on campus:  either a barbecue truck or a sandwich truck.  Come hang out with us!

What should I expect?

We believe going to church should be a joyful and transformative experience. North Highlands Bible Church is a diverse church family committed to being and growing healthy followers of Jesus Christ.  Through our worship, teaching and preaching you should expect Jesus Christ to be honored, the Word of God to be preached and taught faithfully and the people to be kind and loving. We offer classes at 9:00 AM for you to study God’s Word in community.  Then, at 10:30am everyone gathers for worship and a sermon in the sanctuary.

How do I dress?

How you dress when you come to North Highlands Bible Church is completely up to you. Some men wear a collar and slacks. Some wear jeans and a T-shirt.  Some ladies wear dresses, some wear jeans.  The key is, no one judges anyone else based on their clothes.

What do I do when I first arrive?

When you drive onto the parking lot, we invite our guests to use special parking spots that are nice and close to the right doors.  They are marked, “Guest Parking.” As you walk in you’ll see some of our people wearing name tags. They are our Campus Greeters.  Ask them if they can give you a hand, and they will be excited to help you find the right place.

What is there for my kids?

We have classes for all ages at 9:00am. Then at 10:30am while adults gather in the main sanctuary for worship, children gather for their own worship service that we call Children’s Church. This happens in the Children’s Education wing or CE wing and is for children from 1st grade through 6th grade. After a fun worship service of singing and teaching, kids will go back to their classes for Bible stories, games and crafts.

If I come at 9:00am where would I go?

The Campus Greeters will help you and your children find the right classes.  Newborn children through 6th grade will get registered then you can walk them to their class.  Teenagers will head to the youth wing for youth-led worship and teaching.  Adults are invited to one of a number of groups to connect with people your age and/or life situation.  In all age groups, these classes spend time praying for each other, studying God’s Word, and discussing what they’ve learned. But if you want to sit and observe quietly, you can do that!

What will the 10:30am worship service be like?

The service is typically 75 minutes long. About 35 minutes is singing led by our band and other worship, then there will be a 40 minute sermon.  The songs may be hymns from the Church’s past, or the latest worship songs.  We like it all!  Interspersed though the songs we’ll have a time of greeting each other, offering and possibly communion.  For the offering, guests are welcome to let our members do the giving.  Communion is for anyone who has experienced salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. If you choose to not take communion, no one will notice. The speaker will always give clear instructions concerning communion so you know exactly what to do and when.  During the 10:30 AM service, newborn children through 6th graders will be in classes with our Children’s Ministry.  Students 7th and above will join with adults to worship in the sanctuary.  We also provide a cry room for moms.

Who are the pastors of the church?

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What does North Highlands Bible Church believe?

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More Questions?

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