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Strong Faith, Real Hope and Genuine Love

At North Highlands, God meets people where they are and moves them along the spiritual path at their own pace. So we invite you to ask questions, seek answers, and discover truth with us. Because here's the big thing, as you respond to the truth you will find what you are looking for and be transformed by the power of God into the person you were always meant to be.



We meet every Sunday morning for worship at 10:30 a.m. and LifeQuest at 9:00 a.m.  LifeQuest is what we call Sunday morning small groups. They are always open and here is a list of the groups.


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What's Happening This Week in LifeQuest

Continuum, led by Jeremy Collings

To the untrained eye, the Bible is filled with hundreds of unrelated short stories from which we can derive morals to live by.  But all of these smaller stories are interwoven into the larger redemptive narrative of God and are all connected.  Therefore, it is best to think of them as scenes in the larger story.   Over the last few weeks, we have examined the scenes of Noah’s life and the Biblical flood.  This week, we will wrap up this discussion and focus on the amazing faith of Noah throughout his life.  Hope to see you this Sunday!

Women of the Word, led by Bobbie Keith

Cornerstone, led by Jim Thames

The Call, led by Jed Ostoich

God never judges in spite. Last week we saw Jonah run from God when he realized that God wouldn't destroy the Ninevites if they repented. Jonah had constructed expectations of God that were not in line with God's own character.

 This week, we'll look at the prophecies of Joel. Once again, God condemns the sin of his people and proclaims judgment against them. However, as with Nineveh, God offers a way out. We'll see God's compassionate grace extend to the people of Judah, and uncover what it means to trust in God's forgiveness.

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