Our History Together

In the beginning God called together a fellowship of believers who became the First German Baptist Church of Dallas.

On June 19, 1891 some Baptists of German origin, met to organize their church in the home of Theodor Siebenhausen. Rev. G. Peitsch became their first pastor, and the corner of Good and Florence Street became their first property. On July 8, 1893, the Good Street church building was dedicated. The price of the property and building was $3,150.    

Over the past 125 years the world has changed and so did the First German Baptist Church of Dallas. The church is occupying its third location and is known as North Highlands Bible Church. The primary goals of our church, to glorify God through worship and service, have not changed over the 130 past years.

The reason our church has been around to minister for over 130 years is simple: God’s Faithfulness!