I love skits, teaching children and VBS!!!!  

There’s something about putting God’s truths into simple terms that even children can understand. It also has a way of working its way into adult hearts. As we practice, pray and perfect our message God takes our words and pierces our own hearts. If anyone could’ve waxed eloquent In Hebrew exegesis, or delved into the infinite mysteries of the universe, or expounded on historical events as one who was actually there, it would’ve been Jesus!!! When He spoke to the masses, He could’ve recited the entire Old Testament, explained the Levitical Laws and discussed the laws of physics in relation to miracles, but He didn’t.

He told stories.

Simple stories containing profound truths. Stories that children, fisherman and educated Pharisees could understand.

He who knows the hearts of men…speaks into our lives with stories! 

One of my favorite passages is Deuteronomy 6. In this passage, Moses is being instructed by God to teach the Israelites the commands and statutes of God. They in turn are to teach their children and grandchildren. This is to be done formally and informally as they sit around the table, walk in the garden, go to bed at night and rise up for breakfast in the morning. The word of God is to be on their hands guiding their work. It is to be on their foreheads, so that all that passes through the mind is sifted through God’s word. It is to be on the doorposts of their homes, so that all that goes on inside the home reflects God’s commands and His character. Lastly, it is to be on their gates, so that all who come in and go out take it with them wherever they go.

They are to teach their children and their children’s children to the third and fourth generation, the words and works of God! Psalm 78:4-8

They were instructed to teach God’s word, tell of His works and to tell THEIR stories which were intertwined into the greatest story that will ever be told…God’s grand story of redemption!!!

“When your children say to you, what do these testimonies and commandments mean? You are to tell them the story of how you were slaves in Egypt and how God delivered you with His mighty hand.” Deuteronomy 6:20-21

How has God delivered you? Have you told your story??

In what ways has God demonstrated His mighty hand? Our children need to see that the God of the Bible is not only the God of yesterday, but also the God of today!!!

Corrie Ten Boom of “The Hiding Place” has a powerful story that has encouraged and impacted a multitude of people. In her book she shares how God strengthened her in a Nazi Concentration Camp, delivered her many times from the Nazis and how God had her released days before women her age were executed. Years after she was released, she told her story over and over again. In one of her books, she relates that she told the LORD, she was tired of her story and wanted a new one.

In no uncertain words, the LORD told her…this is your story, you tell it!

I have a feeling she will be telling her story throughout eternity. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all, if somehow God intends for us all to tell our stories. 

Our stories become the platform for which God displays His power!! 

Yes, we are to teach God’s word, but we are also to tell stories. The stories of the Bible. The stories of those who knew Him and the lessons of those who didn’t. And… we are to tell our stories!!!

“But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the LORD God my refuge, that I may tell of all Thy works.” Psalm 73:28

If you ever want to grab a cup of coffee and share your story…I’m all ears.