It became apparent after walking through the streets of a small “artsy” town that their values did not reflect biblical values. You could almost feel it walking in and out of shops. Colorful flags were hung on doors, items were blatantly placed in shop windows that would make you blush and even a small refreshment shop boasted of pretzels coated in the colors of the rainbow.

I bristled.

Don’t get me wrong. We had a wonderful time. We found an old coffee shop, sat on ice cream parlor chairs outside of an old hotel built in the late 1800’s enjoying double dip ice cream. For me, it had to be in a waffle cone!! Pistachio ice cream with almonds and vanilla ice cream with caramel and pecan. And of course, enjoyed the shops. Tee shirts, art work, jewelry and homemade taffy.

Oh yeah, I know you wish you were here!! Ha!!!!

We drove through the hills, saw a deer and her two fawns, people fishing in nearby rivers and streams and relaxed on the back porch of our small cabin facing the woods with hot cups of tea.  

Later, that evening we drove down to The Passion Play.

On the way there, I wondered “how could there be a passion play so close to this town? Where is the impact of the gospel?”

We sat in our seats with people from all over the states. Michigan, Minnesota, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Of course, gave a holler when they called out Texas!!

As the sun went down, the outdoor set came alive. Little shepherds drove real goats through the streets of “Jerusalem.”  Pharisees and Sadducees were standing in the Temple while the sick came to Jesus to be healed. Mary and Martha send word to Jesus. “The one whom You love is sick.”  He waits…and they wait.

We feel with the sisters as they wait. We hate waiting. Why doesn’t Jesus come when we need Him?!!

Then Jesus comes!!! Not on their time schedule, but on His.

You know the story. Lazarus has been dead for four days and the situation seems hopeless. If only Jesus would’ve come earlier, he wouldn’t have died. That would’ve been our plan. But Jesus doesn’t always do things our way. Jesus reminds the sisters that He has power over death and those who believe in Him will never die.

Then we are told that Jesus looks around and sees the people weeping. Our LORD is moved in His spirit and is troubled…and then He weeps.

“Lazarus, come forth!!” Jesus cries out with a loud voice.

The impossible had been done. It was so worth the waiting!!! The dead had come back to life.

Oh, why did we doubt? He who created the stars and holds everything together by the power of His word also sees into eternity and knows what is best!! And loves us the most!!

- We cry over the loss of loved ones. He knows and weeps with us.
- We cry over what seems hopeless. He knows and brings the dead to life.
- We cry and lament over waiting, only to find out that His timing and plans are better!!!

We sit glued to our seats as the Story continues. We watch the betrayal of Jesus, His arrest and the denial of Peter who is a close friend. We identify with the sick, the hurting and even those who deny Him. We squirm in our seats. Our hearts are heavy as He makes His way to Golgotha carrying the cross willing to take on God’s wrath for our sins.

There He is crucified.

Lightning flashes and the earth shakes as He gives up His Spirit. It is finished! The work that God has called Him to do is done. He is buried. Three days later, the stone is rolled away and the tomb is empty!

Jesus has risen from the dead!!!

We watch as Jesus finds Peter and forgives him. The crowd is moved. I look around and I see people wiping their eyes and hear muffled sounds as those around me hold back their tears. Jesus appears to the other disciples and then we watch Him ascend into heaven. A woman shouts from the audience, “Amen!!” And then we heard the Hallelujah chorus…Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah…

We could not stay seated…and one by one, the crowd stood on their feet.  

I was struck once again by the story. It never gets old!!!!

Then my thoughts drifted to the nearby “artsy” town. I know the LORD sees and weeps. I hear His voice. “Who will go for Me? Who will tell them My story?!!”  My heart is stirred. “O LORD, make me more like Jesus. Instead of a heart that bristles, fill my heart with the love of God!!”

What about you? Do you have a story to tell? I would love to hear from you. Bobbie at