The Cost of Freedom

I have lived my whole life in a time of peace. I have not seen enemies of our country on my front lawn, nor have I dodged bullets going to the grocery store or feared being waken in the middle of the night by men with machetes breaking into my home and massacring my family before my eyes.

I have lived in peace.

As a baby boomer I grew up in a time of patriotism and love for this country. I remember hearing stories of Pearl Harbor, Dunkirk, and Omaha Beach. Men and women at home and abroad came together to fight for freedom. The cost of that freedom was not cheap!! It cost many of them their lives, and today there are over 9,000 white crosses on the beach of Normandy commemorating those who paid the ultimate sacrifice on the D-Day landing and ensuing operations.

One day, one operation and so many lives lost.

Freedom is not free. Even in times of peace we fight for it.

Tyranny does not raise its head suddenly it encroaches upon us slowly. Always promising a cheap thrill or some trinket that we are willing to trade in our freedom for.

I remember seeing a clip from the Andy Griffith show where Andy was teaching his son to beware that what looks good now, may not be good later.

All that glitters is not gold!!

Yes, we all know that Satan has ways of tricking us. “Look at this delicious looking fruit. See how good it looks. Disregard God’s Word. Go ahead…twist it. Surely, He doesn’t mean what He said. Just think if you eat this you will be like God.  And if you really think about, the reason for the command is that He is trying to withhold something good from you. I have something better!!!”

In this simple act of disobedience, Adam and Eve choose a different king. One who would give them what they wanted rather than the Creator who knew what was best and loved them most!!!!

“Go ahead and make your own choices. Experience true freedom.” Said the sneaking, slinking, slithering snake.

And inside the delicious looking fruit was a hook!!!

Fishermen use it to catch fish. Wicked men and tyrants use it to catch the weak and the vulnerable. And if you happen to be reading through the book of Proverbs, Sweet Miss Folly disguises the hook to capture the fool.

So many lessons here. Lessons for our nation…and lessons for us as the people of God!!
During the storms and the rain, my hubby and I took time to remember. We watched some good ol’ World War II movies and documentaries while cuddling on the couch.  

The Longest Day, an old black and white movie told the story of the D-Day invasion. John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Henry Fonda and a host of wonderful actors from years gone by completed the cast. It was amazing to see how many pieces of the puzzle in play that had to come together, the difficult decisions that needed to be made and the willingness of so many to pay the cost for freedom. I couldn’t help but think of our God orchestrating His plan as each of us over the ages play our parts.

The Bible tells us to give honor to whom honor is due.

This is just a simple thank you to the many men and women and their families who sacrificed so much, so I can live in peace.

Thank you. And thank you to our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ who is the ultimate example of one who came into enemy territory knowing the cost, and yet was willing to pay the ultimate price for our freedom!!