Friendship, Coffee ‘n God

Sometimes the best conversations happen at the oddest moments. I’ve learned over the years if you treasure a friendship, you make time for that person. It doesn’t mean that every time you’re together it is the best of times, but it does mean that you create space for that relationship to grow. As time goes on, the relationship deepens as soul knits with soul.

Remember the story of David and how his soul was “knit” to Jonathan’s? They were the best of buds.

I have two friendships that I have maintained over the years. One is a friend from elementary school. Her name is Judy. She knew me before I became a believer and is the only person to this day, who still calls me Roberta. Just hearing her voice stirs memories from long ago. Picnics on the lawn, softball with the neighbors, playing nurse while bandaging the wings of pigeons shot by BB guns and starting the neighborhood Goody-Goody Club. Ha!!!! Okay, you can stop laughing now. That was way before we became “cool.”

As we grew older, the name of our club changed.

In Junior High we became The Secret Five. Our first assignment “should we decide to accept the mission” was to secretly give a gift to our school. I remember writing a letter to someone in Springfield, Illinois telling them that our school needed a new USA flag. We did odd jobs, did some babysitting, and collected pop bottles. Does anybody remember that?? Ha!!! We wrapped the flag in brown paper and cut out letters from a magazine to attach to the gift.

To: Dr. Waters and Schneider School, From: The Secret Five

Early in the morning before the bell rang, we snuck into the school and dropped off the package.

Weeks later on graduation day, the flag was hanging on the back wall of the stage. Dr. Waters, our principal walked to the microphone and thanked The Secret Five!!!

Fast forward a few years, and I’m being chased down the hallway of the 7th floor of the girls’ dormitory by some crazy girl with colored pens. I don’t remember exactly how it started, but somehow the tables were turned.  I snatched the pens and cornered her in her room. By the time we were done, both of us were covered with colored pen markings and laughing hysterically.

We became the best of friends!!

We still make time for each other. We call each other on our birthdays and sing silly songs. We chat about our kids and the latest book we’re reading. We cry together, laugh together, and share tiny victories while the other person oohs and aahs.

Deep inside the heart of us all is the desire to be known and loved.

Think about it, this is God’s doing!! He made us not only for each other, but for Him!!
Before the foundation of the world, God chose us to be with Him!!!

God walked and talked with Adam in the garden. God appeared to Abraham and had dinner with him. Later, He leads Moses up a mountain where He speaks to him for forty days and forty nights. And while God takes Moses deeper into the wilderness, God provides a place where God and man can meet. For forty years, Moses would go inside the tent and talk with God!!!! Did you ever wonder what they talked about?!!  Maybe they talked about the people and the many decisions that Moses had to make? Maybe they talked about Moses and God encouraged him as a leader? Maybe they talked about the unfolding plan of God throughout the ages?? Like Abraham, God may have revealed His plan or at least a portion of it.

God took the initiative in the friendship and revealed Himself to Moses…and Moses spent time with God!!!

I got to thinking, how has God revealed Himself to me? Do I treasure His friendship? Do I take time in my wilderness wanderings to step into a “holy place” to meet with Him? Like Moses, do I chat with Him about my day? Do I find out what is on His heart and share the burdens that are on mine??

The Scriptures tell us that Jesus is standing at the door and knocking. If anyone hears His voice and opens the door, He will come in and have supper with him. In other words, He wants to hang around and visit for a bit. Of course, we can talk to God anytime and anywhere, but it doesn’t hurt to find that special place, to set the table and put out the coffee cups!!

What about you? How do you create space to meet with God? I would love to hear from you!!

Hugs!!! Bobbie