North Highlands Event

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Angel Tree

NHBC is partnering with Feed Lake Highlands to provide children with gifts for Christmas.

Return wrapped gift (or food) on or before Dec. 10.

Angel Tree Instructions:
Angel tags offer 3 monetary levels of giving for children's gifts. Find one(s) that fit your budget.
There are also gingerbread men gift tags for nonperishable food items.

1. Choose Angel Tree tag for gift or food.
2. Go to Sign Up Table--provide your name and contact information next to the child's identifying letter/number.
(You do not need to check in at the sign up table if you only take a food tag.)
3. Purchase gift based on angel tree tag information. WRAP AND AFFIX ANGEL TAG TO GIFT.
4. Return wrapped gift before / after service to the Sign Up table and check off your name.
5. All gifts and food items must be returned before (or on) Sunday, December 10th.